Working Principles

International mindset – international outlook

For multinational clients, each domestic market is a limit. We need to reach beyond borders to secure the right candidates for each process. Having worked with international Executive Search for almost 20 years enables us to find exactly what you need.


Long-term Partner for our clients – first choice for any candidate

You are never better than your last project. This is absolutely true. Creative Search has worked with our clients for long term. A first class client representative and correct candidate management is truly what we live and breathe.  Integrity and ethics is not only words – it’s everyday behaviour!


Since we know the client – consider it solved!

We put in a lot of research in order to get to know each client, enabling us to understand not only the current situation but also the future plans and strategic visions. Good knowledge of you as a client is a key element for success.


Market Intelligence is king!

When we take on an assignment, we go far beyond traditional search and recruitment methods. Our knowledge of the market and the information we provide, with real-time, exculsive, consolidated, validated and updated data, justifies investing in us.



As we firmly believe that a diversified management group/board is better in making the correct decisions we always strive for creating a real choice for our clients. We always present both male and female candidates. Diversity, however is more than a gender issue. Multinational companies of today also need people with different ethnical/cultural background to be able to take decisions that will fit a global world.

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