Creative Search have been in the market since 1998. We are a truly retained Executive Search (ES) company that also do various type of assessment projects and management coaching. We are specialized in finding, assessing and coaching national and international active C-suite professionals and senior managers from virtually all key market segments.

Our clients are mainly multinational companies with a base in the Nordic/Scandinavian market. Since 1998 we have done projects in all parts of the world either by ourselves or together with international partners. We are a strategic partner to our clients rather than a temporary contractor. This means we attend to our clients’ current and future needs, and help to systematically improve a company’s appeal in its specific market environment.

Our consultants are seniors with a solid experience in both line-management positions and management consultancy. An in-depth understanding of our clients’ business and a sharp eye for assessing individuals combined with a steady hand in process-management makes us a solid partner in all executive acquisitions.

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